Owner Rob Cooper had a vision to change the current practice of reactive spraying of chemicals in the turf industry to one of preventative spraying. This would greatly reduce the amount of chemicals used, be kinder to the environment and save on turf repair costs. To do this, the concept was to bring real time weather and soil data into weed and disease algorithms that could alert ground-keepers when the chance of outbreak was imminent.


Brought in at initial concept stage in early 2013 our role was to develop the launch strategy primarily for distribution, pricing, sales and customer usability. We built the backend database, website, smart phone and tablet apps. We also then set up the pricing structure, packaging, product flow charts, customer communication plan, digital back and front end design plus advertising and marketing services including product launch.

Turf Forensics was launched in June 2014 at the Australian Turf Conference in Brisbane. The first system is now running at the Sintosa Golf Course in Singapore with multiple orders taken in Australia.


When we address business development opportunities that are complex and multi layered, we often include Ben Perry from Tom Thumb on our project team. Tom Thumb’s entrepreneurial style and flare for making the complex simple helps us to frame what success looks like so we can develop strategy to get us where we need to be. More than once, Tom Thumb has contributed to new service and product developments that are now a mainstream part of our business. As a result, Ben is an honorary member of our executive team and a regular visitor to our business.

Rob Cooper

Living Turf - Owner

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