Internal communications, Design and Motion

We have been working with the QSRH executive team since our conception. We came in as they were launching Red Rooster's new brand and significant change was happening in Oporto and Chicken Treat. Our role has been to help these brands develop strategies to communicate effectively to their franchise partners as well as strategies to help change their customer service offering. The following is one example of this work.


Red Rooster is moving away from the fast food space into the convenience space. To do this they have had to reshape their menu offering. Needing healthier salads to go with their whole roast chicken was seen as vital so by leveraging off the Sumo Salad brand this made smart sense.


Our role in this was to work out a way that we could inform the 10,000+ staff about the initiative, get them excited and provide them with the story to tell customers. Knowing that the majority of staff are in their teenage years they wanted a new way to do this rather than their paper manual that went out at launch. We suggested an animation, with a script written for the target market and in a style they could relate to. The project was distributed through their internal intranet, via their facebook and also vimeo account.

Since developing the first animation this is now built into the Red Rooster yearly plan for all further launches


Their contribution to the planning and creative ideas to execute make planning simple and slick. To date, Tom Thumb have created animations, training and presentation templates, and video updates to our networks in addition to our off site events for 300 Franchise Partners and their teams. All have been timely and professional. Incredibly easy to work with and as a result they have been engaged to work with another of our brands in an event and creative/production capacity.

Melissa Anderson

Quick Service Restaurant Holdings - Group Training Manager

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