ACECQA is Australia’s national Authority on early childhood supported by the Federal and all State Governments. The Authority had a problem communicating with their stakeholders, allied industries and parents. Parents were unaware of ACECQA and had difficulty spelling the name and the information provided was complicated. Their board wanted to develop a parent centric brand that could overcome these issues.


Working with senior management, stakeholders, staff and their board we developed an ACECQA sub brand that included a new vision, mission and purpose with a distinctive values, personality and tone of voice. To give the brand a name that would resonate with their target audience we went out to focus groups across various communities in NSW, QLD and VIC. The name Starting Blocks was chosen. We applied three ‘look and feel’ variations that again went out to focus groups for feedback and refinement.

After developing the new brand Starting Blocks, a marketing and communication strategy was developed for the early 2015 rollout. We are continuing to implement this plan with the development of a new website and new communication pieces.